Triple D Ranch & Farm


What You Can Do

  • Host Life Leaders Ranch Day for students, teachers, groups (picnics, hay rides, horses, hikes, mini-workshops, fishing, and other options…)
  • Rent the Ranch Room, for seminars, meetings, events…
  • Coaching and consulting in a private setting
  • Board horses in the North Pasture…
  • Events/parties for families, kids and adults…
  • Photography
  • More on the menu

Principles and Practices

  • Animal sanctuary (6 horses, 3 donkeys, 3 dogs, 8 cats, 2 ducks, deer, fish…)
  • Work to have purpose
  • Love ’em and Lead ’em leadership
  • Advocate for adoption and no-kill shelters
  • Support riderless horses in honored traditions for Veterans Day
  • Veterans and others recovering from PTSD can heal faster connecting to animals, assessing barriers, and planning solutions
  • Working with animals helps develop fitness, responsibility, and instinctive leadership
  • People often treat other people and animals about the same when no one is looking–improving treatment of animals improves treatment of humans
  • Donate space for Life Leaders Ranch programs (501 c3 nonprofit)

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Principles and Practices:

  • Grow fruits, vegetables, and plants organically without chemicals
  • Recycle kitchen organic material into compost for plants
  • Because of natural horsemanship, not using chemicals and minimizing processed feeds, horse manure supports organic composting after aging enriches soil
  • No or low till organic gardening supports long-term natural biosystems
  • Food grown has fed veterans in homeless shelters
  • Food grown has yielded donations and sales to support farm and ranch
  • Food grown has fed horses healthy foods minimizing need for medicine

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