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7 Best Practices for Life Leaders

This is a summary strategy for your best-self:

  1. Lead Your Life
  2. Plan for Life
  3. Have an Impact
  4. Balance Your Life
  5. Live Your Priorities
  6. Assess and Adjust
  7. Renew and Improve

7 Areas of Life

Everything we do falls into these areas:

  1. Physical
  2. Financial
  3. Professional
  4. Personal
  5. Social
  6. Philanthropical
  7. Spiritual

Of the 7 Levels of Leadership, focus first on personal and life leadership to build a foundation for more effective interpersonal and team leadership necessary for effective, harmonious relationships, families, and organizations, as well as for societal leadership.

We invest in ourselves so we have more capacity to give to others. We offer seminars and coaching related to personal and organizational leadership in educational and professional organizations, as well as ministries and families. Life Leaders apply 7 Best Practices to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE within the 7 Areas of Life—developing and earning trust in self and from others for empowerment. Best-Self Leader organizations help people flourish.

Dyson Empowerment Model

7 Levels of Empowerment

Empowerment should be earned as well as delegated based on developed trust in Attitude and Ability (character and competence). Trust in self should be earned from within as well as with others to enhance communications, productivity, and harmony while decreasing conflict and wasted time.

  1. Tell Teach   3. Direct   4. Coach   5.  Support   6. Delegate   7. Empower



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