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About the Principles:

7 Areas of Calling

Professional Priorities

Dr. David Dyson is working for goals valued by most former students, parents of students, executives of organizations, leaders, and, likely, you:

1. To help schools help students write plans for school and life, including college, career, and character.

Uses: to inspire attitude, attendance, and achievement, plus guide action and communication with parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, and decision-makers for college or career. This is a common denominator students need to be prepared–and it’s time for America to implement.

2. To help professionals and other patriots as well as couples to write plans that inspire and guide in the 7 Areas of Life–mission/vision/action for profession, for marriage/family…for callings and whatever is most important.

3. To teach why we have Freedom to Flourish (Freedom of Liberty and Rights), best practices for how we can, and write plans for life to take action as our best-selves.

The Bible and best-selling books on common denominators and best practices of Personal Leadership support these three and the 7 Callings; it’s time to take action.

About the Principal:

Preparation and Service

More for event planners, TV & Radio hosts, and USA (Users, Sponsors, Advocates):

7 Best Practices for Life Leaders (PDF)

7 Best Practices for a True Professional (PDF)

7 Best Practices for Best-Self Servant Leader (PDF)

Radio and TV Host Interview Preparation Sample (PDF)

Sample Seminar – Earning the Next Level of Attitude Ability Empowerment (PDF)

Legacy of Leaders – Hack Sain Success Story (PDF)

Community Service and Advising

David serves as advisor and advocate for:


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