Model Description
 Dyson Life Leadership Model 1987 Gold Dyson Personal Leadership Model

7 Areas of Life in the pyramid ascending from Physical to Spiritual. Time use averages for many people align with the Motivating Values Model.7 Best Practices summarized in the circle signifying a continuum of Lead Your Life, Plan for Life…

 Dyson Empowerment Model Gold 1992 Dyson Empowerment Model

7 Levels of Empowerment to be earned by the person/professional and levels a leader can choose based on attitude and ability of the person for the role or task.

 Dyson Leadership Diamond Gold. Dyson Leadership Diamond

Includes the Personal Leadership pyramid/model on top and the Leadership and Empowerment Model on bottom.

 Dyson Hierarchy 7 Levels Leadership Gold.  7 Levels of Leadership
 Dyson Motivating Values Gold.  7 Motivating Values
 Dyson Three Sources of Discernment Gold.  Decision-making Model
 Ethical Fitness  Sources of Character and Competence

Created by Dyson and Dunn and published in Professionalism Under Stress.

Beneath the surface our character determines our motivation and action to develop and use competence.

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