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Coaching and Consulting Examples and Options

Executives, boards, professionals, teams, nonprofits, schools, policymakers

This page:

  • Sample Stories of Who and What We Did–from executives to homeless veterans
  • Planning contents you can create
  • Assessment options
  • Process
  • Sample program tuition levels

Sample Stories and Successes

Executive VP of a major bank you know who wanted to update goals, assess whether to 1) stay in the same role, 2) seek to succeed president, or 3) go into business for the last major leg of his career

  • identified goals, options, and plans
  • used decision trees to outline three main career options
  • time priorities assessment showed 5 hours for business development (top priority area), 2 hours for people development, with most going to administration and meetings
  • designed a better time priorities vision (increased hours from 5 to 16 for business development and from 2 to 5 for people development)
  • Results included better strategy and balance, more time spend planning and supporting business development leading to a 25% increase in revenues, plus more time spend developing team for delegation and their own leadership–board recognition for strategy and results plus won competition to serve as next President

Former VP of a medium-sized business who had resigned the previous position due to the president who recruited her to replace him undermining her decisions with his former staff (is she instituted something an associate did not want to do, the employee went to her old boss who seemed to like the role–until he lost his protege). Client wanted a job though needed to decide if she wanted to be a leader or producer before she planned and implemented a career and job search.

  • Wrote answers in her plan for important questions such as: mission, vision, goals, values, desired legacy, professional vision, lifestyle vision
  • Discussed drafts in coaching/counseling sessions to affirm or challenge to understand deeper motivating values
  • Drafted desired vision statements for each option: VP or President or in a key role as a producer without significant supervisory responsibilities
  • Draft professional search plan with operational actions such as research to do, people to seek advice
  • Wrote improved resume
  • Wrote professional mission, vision, goals to use stating intent with others

Young Professional with a hearing challenge wanting to find a more fulfilling career

  • Drafted desired professional roles and type of work in a plan
  • Identified desired job options desired and recommended by psychologists, counselors, and others
  • Drafted time priorities for working on this project to avoid more years passing without taking action
  • Career assessment and career search conducted with Dr. Bonnie Cannon, who specializes in helping people with disabilities
  • Resume improved
  • Professional mission, vision, goals to use for decisions, getting advice, and in interviews with potential to help professional and organization match

Retiring Founder and CEO who feared company failure because of setbacks twice when he was out of the business due to major illnesses

  • Coached CEO monthly and helped with decisions, presentations to company
  • Workshop with vps monthly
  • Coached future CEO and retiring CEO with history of challenged relationship through successful transition with a better process both supported
  • Company training and meeting to review plans and progress monthly
  • Increased standards for professional development
  • Leadership Lunch and Learn annual course
  • Improved plans, assessments, and reward systems put how to use them recruiting
  • Results included doubled revenues, turnover rate improved from 30% loss to 5% (one of the best in the nation for the industry), increased training and continuing education while decreasing costs (reduced travel and lost billing at year-end)

VP of a Community Managing Sports and Social Venues about to lose his job

  • Coached Exec to develop a life plan, professional plan, and business plan
  • Trained managers to outline professional plans to use and share more effectively with VP
  • Strategic Assessment of property, which had been suffering major losses
  • Created new programs and special events attracting news stories and revenue
  • Within a year, client and community won award inside corporate portfolio of communities for most improved performance

Business Owner broken-hearted needing a trusted place to discuss results of his CFO getting caught for stealing funds and committing suicide

VP under fire from colleagues for not keeping promises and department performance who was given a chance to assess what was needed to re-earn trust with others, outline a plan leading to better results, and to decide with CEO and coach if his plan and promises merited an invitation to stay.

Creative arts business owner frustrated he had become so busy with running the growing business he had little time for creative work, the reason he started his business.

Planning Contents and Deliverables Menu

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision for Results
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Goals and Actions for the 7 Areas of Life
  • Set an Achievable Resolution
  • Professional Plan to use for decisions, in interviews, and start jobs
  • Best-Self Strategy
  • Professional Life Plan
  • Earning Trust and Empowerment
  • Servant Leadership Strategy

Assessment and Improvement

  • Attitude and Ability
  • Level of Trust and Empowerment
  • Motivating Values–current and desired
  • Time, Inspiration, Money, Energy
  • Assessment of Barriers and Causes plus plan to Master Goliaths

Dr. Dyson Services Menu (PDF)

Professional Tools Menu

  • Professional Mission and Vision
  • Resume
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Professional Development Vision and Plan
  • Professional Portfolio

Use to Plan, Decide, Get Advice

  • Career options Plan
  • Job search Plan


  • Orientations, seminars, and workshops often precede individual coaching sessions in which we review plans, options, decisions, best practices, and approaches to work and other areas of life.
  • We can design for each individual though the focus usually is on what results you seek and what actions we need to succeed. We can design and direct for 1-3 months then assess and adjust or we can work through options and involve you in choosing actions to take first.
  • Variables include much fast you want to achieve results, time invested daily/weekly, and budget. Some personal development goals for change or improvement can move as fast as desired and some need to be treat as “seeds” with time to mature. Someone in between jobs or needing to decide on a career path may desire to move much faster than someone thinking of options over time.
  • Methods may include interviews, coaching sessions, workshops, and discussions. Some benefit from connecting with nature or animals such as horses or building courage doing new things along with planning.

Location options

  • Your office: convenient and comfortable for you and helps the coach know you and your environment.
  • Public place: sometimes a coffee shop or cafe works just fine.
  • Life Leaders Ranch: offers new environment in the farm house, area, barn loft, walking a trail, outside at the pond, or a spot you feel inspired to think, write, discuss options.
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