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Personal Leadership Advice from a 12 Year-Old Student

Focus on your callings to develop more courage to contribute in discussions, classes, and forums. You will improve leadership and confidence.

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A Touch of Gray by Lou Vickery

You can find several powerful lessons in A Touch of Gray¬†by Lou Vickery (Amazon). The main one is the story of relationships built on who you are instead of societal barriers.¬†Another lesson inspired me based on the author’s story on what got him inspired to finish the book. “Coach Lou” as I call him (a […]

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We have Freedom to Choose

We have freedom to choose our response to what happens. That’s a lesson from Dr. Stephen Covey on a video I shared with Life Leaders at the monthly seminar and meeting. We can choose character development more than personality. We should include character development in our goals to be better instead of just appear better. […]

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