Master Your Goliaths

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Accomplish More Goals

In less time than a New Year’s party, you can set Achievable Resolutions and reach more goals in 2019. Answer 7 questions. This process and template has been developed by Executive and Life Coach Dr. David Dyson and tested with clients and students.

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Best-Self LeadershipFreedom to FlourishLeadership and EmpowermentMaster Your GoliathsPlan for School & LifePositive Quotations

Personal Leadership Advice from a 12 Year-Old Student

Focus on your callings to develop more courage to contribute in discussions, classes, and forums. You will improve leadership and confidence.

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Best-Self LeadershipMaster Your GoliathsMotivationPlan for School & LifePositive Quotations

Do YOUR Best

“We’re all absolutely equal in having the opportunity to make the most of what we have.” –Coach John Wooden Coach Wooden is considered by many to be one of the leading coaches of all time.   To do your best is part of the purpose of life. Plan for it and persevere. Focus on your […]

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Achievable Resolutions

To Plan, Decide, and Act to Achieve, Improve, Solve, Change, Transform I developed this 7-Step Method to help my seminar students who often set the same “New Year Resolution” year after year. Both they and I have done better identifying priorities and taking action. 7 Steps to Set a Resolution that increase your chance of […]

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Courage to Dream

Many of us hold back, sometimes unconsciously, on pursuing dreams–because of fear. We sometimes dwell on possible negative outcomes like failure or embarrassment. Seminar students often say, they stay in their “comfort zones” too much because of “what people might think” if they tried something special. They also admit they hesitate instinctively when seeking goals outside […]

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Break the Anger Addiction

“TWO THINGS A MAN SHOULD NEVER BE ANGRY AT: WHAT HE CAN HELP AND WHAT HE CANNOT HELP.” -THOMAS FULLER- Many people seem to be addicted to anger. The addiction often means a person will first focus on complaining, venting frustration, and creating drama…instead of focusing on a solution to the problem with a reasonable level […]

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Best-Self LeadershipFreedom to FlourishGritMaster Your GoliathsPositive QuotationsResolutionsThe 7 Areas of Life

Plato and Our First Victory

“The first and best victory is to conquer self.” Plato Best-Self Leadership is the first best practice to plan and lead in life. –David 7 Best Practices for Life Leadership Continuum and 7 Areas of Life Pyramid To prepare students and professionals to do their best requires teaching and rewarding learning and development in Best-Self Leadership.

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Definite Purpose+Burning Desire

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” Napoleon Hill, author of The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich To identify one’s calling not only provides greater clarity on purpose but also […]

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Best-Self LeadershipEarning EmpowermentGritMaster Your GoliathsProfessionalism Under StressResolutionsVeterans Making Comebacks

10 Habits Of Mentally Strong People

I read this article about “mentally strong” with interest for two reasons: the habits align with best practices and lessons written by Col. Stretch Dunn and me in our book Professionalism Under Stress; and, my colleague and friend of 25 years, Stretch, died unexpectedly a few days ago. The reminders of demonstrating “grit” when you […]

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Best-Self LeadershipFreedom to FlourishGritMaster Your GoliathsMotivationPositive QuotationsPrisoners Planning Re-entryProfessionalism Under StressResolutionsVeterans Making Comebacks

Cowboy Up+Hard Work+True Professionalism=GRIT

Lead your Life is the #1 best practice to Plan and Lead our Lives (1 of 7). Is your Mindset optimistic and action-oriented or do you feel entitled or defeated? Is your instinctive response to tough situations: complain or think solutions? Most of the time, to change our results, we need to improve or even […]

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