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The Last Leg of My Life Leadership Lectures

Topics for TV/Radio, Briefings, Seminars, Workshops, Advising/Coaching/Assisting

Best-Self Leadership

  • Best-Self Strategy: 7 Best Practices to Plan & Lead Your Life
  • Professionalism and Leadership Under Stress: 7 Best Practices for True Professionals
  • 7 Best Practices for Leaders in Organizations
  • Hierarchy of 7 Motivating Values 
  • Earn Empowerment: 7 Levels of Attitude, Ability, and Trust
  • TIME: Time-Inspiration-Money-Energy assessment and improvement
  • Time-Priority Leadership & Prime Time Management

Plan for School & 7 Areas of Life

  • Plan for School & Life: what professionals wish they got in school and parents want for children
  • Assess Attitude and Ability
  • 7 Areas of Life
  • Master Your Goliaths: 7 Steps to Achievable Resolutions
  • 7 Areas True Professionals & Best-Self Organizations Plan, Assess, and Reward
  • The Purpose of Life & Your Mission Statement

Patriotism in Action – Freedom to Flourish – Advance Alabama:

  • Patriotism in Action: How America’s Veterans Day started in Alabama and 10 character traits
  • Freedom to Flourish: 3 national movements–Veterans Day, Civil Rights, Plan for School & Life (Freedom of Liberty-Rights-Flourish)
  • Advance Alabama: The Case for Alabama branding before The World Games 2021

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