Patriotism in Action

Patriotism in Action

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  • Patriotism in Action: The Founding of America’s Veterans Day in Alabama and a Guide to U.S. Patriotic Holidays and Traditions (the book that tells how Veterans Day started in America…a guide for every patriot’s library…)
  • Personal Leadership for Patriots (November)
  • Tribute to the the “driving force” for National Veterans Day (November 10 to open National Veterans Day events)

Patriotism in Action by Dr. David Dyson and Col. “Stretch” Dunn (USA Ret), provides printed materials for educators, students, veterans, and other patriots on how Veterans Day started in Alabama plus more patriotic guide content.

On the cover of the book, President Reagan pins the Presidential Citizens Medal on Raymond Weeks of Alabama in 1982 honoring him at the White House on national television as the “driving force” for establishing America’s Veterans Day. The book serves as a patriotic guide for teachers, students, veterans, and other patriots, plus as a resource for the nation’s oldest Veterans Day.

The book is donated to National Veterans Day to present to the National Veteran Award honoree and guest speakers from national organizations.

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