Master Your Goliaths

master-your-goliaths-workbookWhat Goliath is threatening you or someone you know?

People often find themselves facing seemingly unsurmountable challenges. David, described in The Bible, faced a giant trained warrior called Goliath with the fate of his people at stake.

You likely have faced your Goliaths–or will. Yours may be found in what you instinctively think about as fears, worries, problems, such as:

  • Financial challenges like not affording a home, medical need, or retirement…
  • Physical challenges like smoking, obesity, or low energy…
  • Personal challenges like post traumatic stress, moral injury, addiction, anger…

Some people set the same resolutions annually for years. Some quit trying. If so, “lack of hope” can be a Goliath, so some may need to master that challenge as a foundation for achieving another goal.

The most common resolutions, most often set around the new year, include three main areas of life:

  • Physical such as lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, eat better…
  • Financial such as get out of debt, save, purchase, invest…
  • Personal such as be happier, write a plan, leave a legacy, set priorities…
  • Other such as invest in a relationship (social), find a church home (spiritual), volunteer (philanthropical), professional (earn a promotion or get a new job)…

Master Your Goliaths publications and programs take Best-Self Leadership and Plan for Life deeper to focus on plan and action to go to the next level and/or remove barriers threatening us. We assess what the vision for desired results is as well as the 7 steps to set achievable resolutions.

We can do better developing mindset and process to “Master” the “Goliaths” threatening our ability to do our best and care for others as we wish. Many people focus on the result we seek, which is good, though usually a key is how we develop ourselves to plan and lead or to respond to challenges.

Master Your Goliaths Page at Life Leaders Institute

Publications, Presentations, Professional Services menu:

  • Master Your Goliath: Lessons from David
  • 7 Motivating Values (Maslow and Dyson Hierarchies)
  • 7 Steps to Set Achievable Resolutions
  • Veterans Making Comebacks: Assessment and Action Plan
  • Prisoners Earning Re-entry (plan that is better than the one that led to prison or jail)
  • Foundations of Faith for our Motivating Values for times of Need
  • Professionalism Under Stress: Lessons for Professionalism, Stress, Gunfighting, and Gunfighting Leadership in Military and Civilian Life (best practices for a true professional)
  • Classes, workshops, and individual coaching

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