Focus on the Summit

Focus on the summit more than on the distance up the hill.

The statement is in my constitution, and reading that statement this morning provided an inspiring reminder. I am reviewing and improving my constitution to provide as a sample at the Life Leaders workshop: “Draft the Constitution of You.” When we internalize meaningful life strategies, we live closer to our best-selves.

Draft the Constitution of You on Constitution Day

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is a combined event observed in the United States on September 17. This event commemorates the formation and signing of the Constitution of the United States on September 17, 1787. It also recognizes all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become US citizens.

The founding fathers believed in writing The Constitution of the United States to inspire and guide the country. They took action to draft this forward-thinking document. The same principles call on us to write constitutions to lead our lives, families, and organizations.

Writing a constitution is one of most valuable best-self leadership principles you can invest in to improve life for you and others.

One approach: draft your mission, vision, values, beliefs, and strategies for your best-self. Read and edit a few minutes daily to improve and internalize.

This constitution will inspire and guide your goals and plans just as the U.S. Constitution guides the laws of the land.

Life Leaders will host a workshop on September 17 and you are invited to attend as my guest.

Empowerment Week in Birmingham: Earn Empowerment

It’s Empowerment Week in Birmingham, a leading city for advancing freedoms associated with Veterans Day and Human Rights (Freedom of Liberty and Rights). Other cities also support the concept of “empowerment.” Life Leaders has been teaching and helping people earn empowerment since 1992.

Life Leaders hosted the “Earning Empowerment” Seminar September 10 and provided a workbook, with this message included:

Dyson Empowerment Model Gold

Freedom to Flourish

Others provided your Freedom of Liberty.
Others provided your Freedom of Rights.
Now, you have Freedom to Flourish.

Will you plan to earn empowerment to flourish at your callings?

From the Declaration of Independence to D-Day and since,
patriots at war and at home have served, fought if necessary, and sacrificed for
Freedom of Liberty and of Human Rights
at home and around the world.

Many have marched for war, peace, and rights.
You have more freedom.

What will you do to honor sacrifices of those before you and opportunities in front of you?

The more you internalize how and why to earn empowerment
the more you will seek to prepare and to serve in addition to receive.

You are the one who must choose if you want to honor the sacrifices that provided your freedoms and if you want to prepare for opportunities to earn empowerment.

Most people say they “know” that plans with goals help us do our best. Yet, only an estimated 2-5% of people have written a plan for life of the length of a high school paper. [Most schools do not yet include this best practice, though we seek to help them.]

If you pause for a moment to consider the WWII veteran who faced machine guns on “D Day” to provide freedom of liberty and human rights, are you willing to state you are not willing to assess your attitude and ability needed to earn more empowerment and outline a plan to develop self and your ability to serve?

Earning empowerment is part preparation for trust to get opportunities from a leader or society and part honoring others who elevated us above focusing on survival and safety.

You can learn how, plan for, and take action to earn empowerment.
You will earn more self-respect that you are living closer to your best-self.
Society will more likely reward you with trust and opportunity
because you developed your attitude and ability to serve in anticipation of the call.

This workbook is for those who choose to act or at least to learn more of what it takes to earn empowerment as a true professional.

Source: Earning & Delegating Empowerment Workbook, Dr. David Dyson, Life Leaders Institute. Life Leaders provides seminars most months to help people PLAN and LEAD in LIFE, plus programs of public service.

Best Practice 2 for True Professionals

2. Earn empowerment rather than wait for it. Admit that you are more responsible for your performance and career growth than is your supervisor. Identify your desired results and actions in your professional plan. Anticipate what your supervisory leader needs to trust you have earned empowerment. Help your manager serve as a mentor by stating your intent through your plan and seeking coaching. Proactively seek to develop higher levels of trust in your competence and character for the seven levels of empowerment: (1)Tell  (2)Teach  (3)Direct  (4)Coach  (5)Support  (6)Delegate  (7)Empower.

Dyson Empowerment Model Gold

Professionalism Front Cover

The Honor Guard at Arlington prepares and serves even when no one is watching.

Earning Empowerment is Opportunity + Development and Action

Earning empowerment is about earning trust in self and from others that we have the attitude and ability to fulfill a role. In the Dyson Empowerment Model, there are seven components of Attitude and of Ability one can assess, develop, and decide when choosing the level of empowerment for a role or task.

Dyson Empowerment Model Gold

True Empowerment comes from earning it by individuals, teams, families, and organizations–and about society providing opportunity.

Asking government for more cannot be the only strategy. We have hard fought and won Freedom to Flourish in the USA. Veterans provided Freedom of Life and Liberty. That allowed earning of more Freedom of Civil and Human Rights.

Now, what will we do with our Freedom to Flourish?

Life Leaders write a plan that includes callings and choices and more focused on what is important to us and how we can live closer to our best-selves. We seek to discover and devote ourselves to mission, vision, and goals.

The opposite (and most common approach) is unprepared “go with the flow.” For those who like “go with the flow,” that is more attainable when we have internalized plans. Our instincts inspire and guide us better. When we clarify what we value, we make better, faster decisions and use our time better. The best time management seminars are built around this timeless principle.

Empowerment Week in Birmingham starts soon and other cities host similar commemorations. Some citizens focus on asking society to give us more empowerment, more of what we need. Some, however, focus on earning more empowerment so they can do their best at the opportunities–provided or created.

What is your strategy?

We are fortunate to live in a society that provides freedom and opportunity. Even with those, life often has challenges! Earning empowerment, developing better lives, is up to individuals, families, teams, organizations, communities, and the country to learn, improve, and take persistent action toward priorities.

Having a model to use for stating intent with others on how you plan to earn empowerment and how you will delegate helps you and leaders to build trust better and faster. To learn how to attend an empowerment seminar in the Birmingham area, visit and link to Take Action and Attend. Other action you may like includes Subscribe for email and social media.

People and organizations are like magnifying glasses…

magnifying glass

You and/or people on your team may be talented and hard working enough to generate light and heat, as does an almost focused magnifying glass. However, to “be, know, and do” as your Best-Self to create maximum power improves with focused development and achievement from prayers and plans aimed at principles and practices that work better than working without a plan.

The first two best-self leadership practices: 1) Lead your Life; 2)Plan for Life.  I wrote these a few years before meeting Dr. Stephen Covey and find that his “7 Habits” fit and enrich my 7 Best Practices.

Simple suggestion that can have great impact:

Commit to invest a minimum of 1% of your time writing, reviewing, improving, internalizing your plan (10-15 minutes per day over time can provide you with a written Constitution and Legacy, including mission, vision, goals, resolutions, time priorities, and more to inspire and guide you toward what is important.

To support your journey, you may follow this journal, subscribe to Life Leaders Journal and email. or attend our seminars and workshops (most are free to the public thanks to members and sponsors). –David