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Write Your Mission and Vision to Improve Goals and Motivation

A key Best-Self Leadership practice is to Plan for Life, including identifying your mission and vision for your life and your organization. What is your purpose? What are the desired results fulfilling your purpose? Writing these answers will help you Lead Your Life with a greater sense of calling. If you review your mission and vision […]

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Cecil, the Lion: will you hear my cry for the animals?

An American lured a lion in Africa away from safety in a sanctuary, injured, later killed, and beheaded him for a trophy and entertainment. The public outrage has been swift and massive, though it could fade—again. Now what? Do we want “slow, painful death” to be an option for hunted animals? Do we want it […]

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Game Changers

Encouragement, Support, and Introductions to Opportunity at Critical Times can make the difference in whether someone takes action on a calling. Inspiration As a guest of my brother-in-law Steve Bryant, I attended a special Wednesday evening service at Church of the Highlands. Pastor Chris Hodges reflected on a milestone anniversary and how even he was amazed […]

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