Definite Purpose+Burning Desire

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

Napoleon Hill, author of The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich

To identify one’s calling not only provides greater clarity on purpose but also gives us a greater sense of calling, which means better inspiration, direction, action, and, more likely, results. Planning should be more than to do lists and long-range plans. The process of planning can help us identify our purposes.

Plans help us improve “definiteness of purpose” and “knowledge of what one wants” plus adds fuel to our “burning desire.” Once we understand our purposes and possible results while creating the vision, we will be more likely to persevere and less likely to let disappointments hold us back.

Investing 1% of our time in planning adds significance to the other 99%. The 1% can help us focus on better priorities and feel more inspiration to take action.

Napoleon Hill, as a young journalist interviewing Andrew Carnegie, learned common denominators of doing our best exist, make a difference when learned and implemented, and should be taught at home and school, as well as places of work and worship. Often they were not taught or used (in many schools and other key places, still not taught, which we can fix). Plan for School and Life Initiative

Carnegie saw Hill was inspired and offered to introduce him to scores of the world’s most prolific people, including U.S. presidents, business leaders, and scientists such as Thomas Edison.  Hill studied and compiled their common denominators into a list of principles and practices published in essays and books.

If you read more of Hill’s work, you will see his emphasis on writing your “definite purpose” and internalizing it as a key to building desire and action. This process and plan can become a great source of motivation, habits, accountability, and results.

My research and coaching affirms, people with an “A” awareness of calling and choices are much more likely to demonstrate “A” level of “courage” and “commitment.” Without a plan, courage, commitment, and confidence average “C” level, which holds people and their organizations back. In most cases,”A” or “B” is attainable and should be developed.

I first read Hill’s books as a college student in a summer job selling Bibles door-to-door. The ideas plus the summer experience planted the seeds of my calling to help people learn and use best-self leadership. Hill’s work influenced mine and is a reason why I emphasize so much to students, professionals, and families alike that we should write plans to help us discover purpose, focus, and internalize what’s most important.

May you Plan and Lead your Life, David

Earning Empowerment is Opportunity + Development and Action

Earning empowerment is about earning trust in self and from others that we have the attitude and ability to fulfill a role. In the Dyson Empowerment Model, there are seven components of Attitude and of Ability one can assess, develop, and decide when choosing the level of empowerment for a role or task.

Dyson Empowerment Model Gold

True Empowerment comes from earning it by individuals, teams, families, and organizations–and about society providing opportunity.

Asking government for more cannot be the only strategy. We have hard fought and won Freedom to Flourish in the USA. Veterans provided Freedom of Life and Liberty. That allowed earning of more Freedom of Civil and Human Rights.

Now, what will we do with our Freedom to Flourish?

Life Leaders write a plan that includes callings and choices and more focused on what is important to us and how we can live closer to our best-selves. We seek to discover and devote ourselves to mission, vision, and goals.

The opposite (and most common approach) is unprepared “go with the flow.” For those who like “go with the flow,” that is more attainable when we have internalized plans. Our instincts inspire and guide us better. When we clarify what we value, we make better, faster decisions and use our time better. The best time management seminars are built around this timeless principle.

Empowerment Week in Birmingham starts soon and other cities host similar commemorations. Some citizens focus on asking society to give us more empowerment, more of what we need. Some, however, focus on earning more empowerment so they can do their best at the opportunities–provided or created.

What is your strategy?

We are fortunate to live in a society that provides freedom and opportunity. Even with those, life often has challenges! Earning empowerment, developing better lives, is up to individuals, families, teams, organizations, communities, and the country to learn, improve, and take persistent action toward priorities.

Having a model to use for stating intent with others on how you plan to earn empowerment and how you will delegate helps you and leaders to build trust better and faster. To learn how to attend an empowerment seminar in the Birmingham area, visit and link to Take Action and Attend. Other action you may like includes Subscribe for email and social media.


Time. Inspiration. Money. Energy. Often, when people are worried about how much more “Time” they need, the true core issues are amounts of “Inspiration” and “Energy” they have that govern time use.

Review and write updates to your plan to help focus on purpose and areas of passion to feel Inspiration as you work and enjoy life. Include in your Physical Life goals and actions how you can development and maintain Energy. You probably know what to do: water, vegetables, fitness, sleep…. Sometimes, the answers are as simple as turn the TV off and get to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier or with more energy with inspiration and energy to spend your time on what is important.