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Heather disproves a myth about Horses

When I met Heather Patrick, she could not speak, limped with a brace on one leg, had use of only one arm, weighed about 80 pounds, and ate through a tube. She was past 40 years of age. Yet, she could do something many strong men cannot do–earn trust from big, strong animals to attract […]

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Cecil, the Lion: will you hear my cry for the animals?

An American lured a lion in Africa away from safety in a sanctuary, injured, later killed, and beheaded him for a trophy and entertainment. The public outrage has been swift and massive, though it could fade—again. Now what? Do we want “slow, painful death” to be an option for hunted animals? Do we want it […]

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New Animal News Website published the story of Star’s Journey to Sweet Home Alabama  

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5000 Miles to Bring My Horse to Sweet Home Alabama

What calling do you feel led to do? Sometimes, we need to “go for it” with “callings” when “feeling” and “thinking” makes us cautious. This article also is about doing something more meaningful than logical–traveling across the USA and back 5,000 miles to bring home a horse. <= Star of the Bar in the Inland Northwest […]

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