Radio Show on Lou in the Morning: Purpose, Plans, Veterans, Students

Lou Vickery and I discussed three positive programs on his radio program, “Lou in the Morning,” which airs in South Alabama and Northern Florida–Pensacola to Atmore to the Eastern Shore of Mobile. WPFL FM 105.1;

Summary of Points

  1. Veterans Making Comeback: new Veteran Golfers Association on the Eastern Shore of Mobile at Lake Forest in Daphne started by Simon Coulls and Tim Gressett, golf pro…Free Golf Clinic for Veterans and Families, Saturday, August 29…purpose of plans for veterans and families to support healing and healthy living–veterans with PTSD recover and grow better and faster with a plan that boosts a sense of purpose and steps toward improvement…Workbooks on our web page ( comebacks).
  2. Life Leaders Seminar, Thursday, August 6, Birmingham, “Your Spiritual Purpose and Plan,” joining me is Bishop Dr. Bernard Omukubah. Free and open to the public. For an invitation,
  3. Plan for School and Life national movement can start in Alabama and Florida. College and school counselors say less than 1% of  students come to them with written plans so they can see how to help best.  People do better with purpose. If you wish you were helped to write a plan and/or want us to help teachers guide their students to develop plans, you may join our mailing list or tell of your interest.

The Purpose of Life

To live a spiritual journey–faithfully;

love and serve others–meaningfully;

and do my best–joyously.

One sentence, three parts, seven values.

I had a mission statement I thought was good when someone approached me and said he was searching for the purpose of his life. He asked my opinion on life mission.  I realized my mission statement needed more depth.

I invested 10 minutes daily for a month to pray and listen then act on what I heard and discerned. I changed my mission statement to the above.

You will likely see the three main sources of Scripture in it (Love the Lord…Love your neighbor…do you best with your talents…) supported by common sense. I believe, it is a mission statement that fits most people.  The planbook I am writing tells more of the purpose of life and helps us write our mission statements.

Freedom to Choose

In the space between stimulus and response, we have freedom to choose.

When we envision who we seek to be and what we wish to do, we will do better than the popular though often overrated “go with the flow.” Once we have envisioned our best-selves, written plans, taken action, and created habits, we can “go with the flow” with greater confidence and results because our instincts will be better.


Time. Inspiration. Money. Energy. Often, when people are worried about how much more “Time” they need, the true core issues are amounts of “Inspiration” and “Energy” they have that govern time use.

Review and write updates to your plan to help focus on purpose and areas of passion to feel Inspiration as you work and enjoy life. Include in your Physical Life goals and actions how you can development and maintain Energy. You probably know what to do: water, vegetables, fitness, sleep…. Sometimes, the answers are as simple as turn the TV off and get to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier or with more energy with inspiration and energy to spend your time on what is important.

Power of 1° Better

magnifying glass

Adjusting a magnifying glass to focus just 1° better can make the difference between hot and hot enough to burn through obstacles. Increasing the temperature of water from 211° to 212° changes hot water to boiling water, which creates steam and energy strong enough to move machines, which can move mountains.

The strategies for 1 percent improvement are available to the willing—Pray, Listen, Action, Now writing your callings and choices for what inspires you and for the habits you need. Where else would you start?

Independence Day and the Founding Fathers

Col. Dunn presented at Life Leaders last evening about the importance of freedom of religion and more related to Independence Day and our founding fathers who sought to create a country free of religious persecution that existed in Europe. People had been killed for believing differently. The founding fathers shared a belief in God and respect for human rights.

Birmingham has stood for Freedom of Liberty and Freedom of Rights, and most in the USA share those values. We have Freedom to Flourish at our callings in large part due to veterans and human rights leaders.

Will we honor that leadership and sacrifice?
Will we teach the meaning of Veterans Day, Human Rights, and character traits in schools?
Will we live it in our plans and actions?

Will we help students write plans for school and life to enrich their sense of purpose?

How will you celebrate Independence Day?
What rituals make the holiday meaningful for you?

Do you want more independence in life?
What would it take?
Will you take 1% of your time this week to start or improve a plan for the life you are called to lead?

Life Leaders stands for Best-Self Leadership, Plan for School and Life, and Freedom to Flourish…. We seek to Earn Empowerment and help others.

If you do, you are invited to join us as a subscriber, participant, or sponsor.

May you PLAN and LEAD in LIFE.